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About ShtetlKettle

For the past 2 years, I’ve been blogging about fermentation on behalf of my small Detroit-based pickle business, Suddenly Sauer.

While food, in general, and fermentation, specifically, are central passions in my life, I felt that more theoretical fermentations (read: thoughts) weren’t as communicable in that space.  Thus, I’ve created ShtetlKettle.

In this space I want to think about community and individual identity.  My point of entry is Detroit Jewish identity, but I’m in no way limited to any one perspective.  I see some of the most poignant inquiries developing out of the borders between identities, and I hope to explore my identity, both personal and communal, with the boundaries (real and imaginary) that we create. 

While I plan to post on a weekly basis, I also want this space to be open to any/all those who happen to share in these (rather specific) areas of interest.  Guest posts and comments welcome!

I look forward to growing with you!



Discomfort in Shul

Blair Nosan

It feels like a challenge to describe the matrix of thoughts and emotions I’m currently experiencing. There are threads I can pull forth:

-meeting me where I am at

-wanting to be somewhere else

-knowing that there are many truths, many ways to be good

-wanting to participate

-beaing angry that learning to participate involves a humility I can’t seem to muster

-and that wanting to participate seems to reinforce other’s conviction that there is one truth.

I sat in shul this morning and felt triggered and alternating calm course through me. There are two things at work inside me. One is that this is my Jewish community, it claims to be traditional, and I want to participate in it. Two is that there are many ways to be good. And there are many ways to be a good Jew.

**imagination is the vehicle by which we increase knowledge.